in 5 colors

Edition 95, 15 Artist’s Proofs (AP), 6 Printer’s Proofs (PP)

Set of Chairs

Artwork Size: 26¼ x 20"

Image Size: 22½ x 16½"

Gallery Print, 100% cotton rag

Printed at Brand X Editions, 236 West 27th Street, New York, NY by John Fletcher

Published by Clayton Pond

From the artist’s comments in the colophon page: “Each of the Chair prints in this suite contain five color elements. The relationship of the two predominant colors, one relatively warm in feeling and the other cool, generate visual tension by flipping the space between the psychological positive and negative areas. The other chromatic innuendos in each image act primarily as accents to clarify the basic encounter and, or, to increase the visual energy by exciting optical vibration. Through studied selection and juxtaposition of the colors, each chair develops unique energy characteristics and acquires its own personality. Together they make music!”

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