in 8 colors

Edition 40, 5 Artist's Proofs

Artwork Size: 40 x 30¼"

Image Size: 36¼ x 26 ¾"

Strathmore Bristol, 2-ply plate finish, 100% cotton rag

Printed at the artist's studio, Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY by Clayton Pond

Published by Clayton Pond

This image, created from a study drawing made during the artist’s 1965 summer travels in Europe, was first used in a large 7ft x 5 ft. painting. The building in this image was his view from the window of his pensione in London. The artist as voyeur shows a woman in an advanced stage of undress through the rooftop apartment window on the left. His sense of humor and irony shows a man leaning pensively out the adjacent apartment window on the right completely oblivious to what is going on on the other side of the giant central chimney. The compositional symmetry is a device that the artist has used throughout much of his print work.