in 8 colors

Edition 100, 10 Artist's Proof, 8 Deluxe Proofs # I/VIII - VIII/VIII (Each set has an acrylic painting on paper study for one of the prints in the suite)

Things In My Studio

Artwork Size: 29 x 23"

Image Size: 23 x 17"

Strathmore, 2 ply, 100% cotton rag

Printed at the artist's studio, 130 Greene Street, New York, NY by Clayton Pond

Published by Clayton Pond

In suburbia the hot water heater is neatly tucked away in a closet. In a working studio/ loft in SoHo it is out in the open and you live with it. The artist uses the busy floral pattern in the background to create visual energy and a push-pull between the ground and the subject matter of the heater with its pipes and valves.

This suite is a continuation of the artist’s fascination with everyday objects found in his studio environment. He moved his studio from Broome Street to Greene Street in the center of the SoHo section of Manhattan in 1969. This suite focuses on scenes and objects in his Greene Street studio. The artist uses color and his sense of humor to make ordinary objects into images that are iconic– so that an ordinary roll of bathroom tissue, a toilet seat, and a toaster oven become something much more than they are in real life.