in 23 colors

Edition 100, 20 AP (Artist's Proofs), 5 PP (Printer's Proofs), 5 HC (Hors de Commerce)

Artwork Size: 30 x 40"

Image Size: 27⅞ x 37⅛"

Gallery Print, 100% cotton rag

Printed at Brand X Editions, 236 West 27th Street, New York, NY by Robert Blanton

Published by Motter Printing Press Co.

In 1988 the artist was commissioned by the Motter Printing Press Company to create a 9 x 11′ painted construction sculpture, and a serigraph print edition for the company’s 35th anniversary. The print image is a two-dimensional adaptation of the large painted sculpture. The multi-colored web and rollers of the flexographic press in the central part of the painting contrast with the simpler treatment of the electronics and gears in the side panels. In addition to his unique use of color, the artist’s fascination with the inner workings and details of the machinery is evident here. Also apparent is the fun he has with details like the dizzying diamond pattern on the steel foot plate that runs across the bottom of the press.