in 8 colors

Edition 42

Miniature Print Suite I

Artwork Size: 4¼ x 3"

Image Size: 1¾ x 2⅛"

Strathmore Bristol, 2-ply plate finish, 100% cotton rag

Printed at the artist's studio, Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY by Clayton Pond

Published by Clayton Pond

This image was derived from the 1965 print titled “Flower Shop”. The suite of prints was made for entry in the Second International Miniature Print Exhibition at the Pratt Graphic Art Center, April 6, 1966, in New York City. The show was curated by Una E. Johnson, curator of prints at the Brooklyn Museum, Ansei Uchima, artist, and Fritz Eichenberg, director of the PGAC.
The premise of the show was “that many artists, accustomed to working in large dimensions, are intrigued with the microcosmic intimacy of a small print”. (Quote from Artist’s Proof, Volume VI, Numbers 9-10, 1966).