in 2 colors

Edition 25, 12 Artist's Proofs, 11 trial & variation proofs

Artwork Size: 19¼ x 23⅛"

Image Size: 17¼ x 20⅞"

Printed at the artist's studio, Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NY by Clayton Pond

Published by Clayton Pond

In 1966 the artist was asked by the Pratt Center for Contemporary Printmaking to make 7,500 copies of a tip-in print for ARTIST’S PROOF, A Journal of American Printmaking. To save time, he made this hand-screened print, ganged up six images to a sheet, and then cut them up individually to make the required number of single prints. The artist made this edition from a small number of the un-cut sheets. This “Six Other Chair” image later inspired him to make the 1980 “Set of Chairs” suite in which each of the six chairs is a different combination of colors.