in 17 colors

Edition 300, 30 Artist's Proofs, 30 AP (Publisher's Proofs), 6 PP (Printer's Proofs), 6 HC (Hors de Commerce)

Television Series

Artwork Size: 40 x 30"

Image Size: 40 x 26½"

Gallery Print, 100% cotton rag

Printed at Brand X Editions, 236 West 27 Street, New York, NY by John Fletcher

About this print: This is one of the very few self portraits made by the artist. Ironically, while the T.V. is colored, the artist’s portrait is done in black and white. Humorously, the artist portrays himself protruding out of the television, and turning himself on (or off). The line halftone photo image printed with pearlescent ink very closely resembles the picture on a real black and white T.V. While at a private party in Hollywood, the singer Glen Campbell asked the artist if he would do the album cover for his next record. An image similar to this appears on his 1981 Capital Records album titled, “it’s The World Gone Crazy”, with Glen Campbell coming out of the T.V.

About this series: The T.V. Series was created as a satire on television and its place in contemporary (1981) American society. Note that in all six images the T.V. is on a pedestal, a place of great importance. Through his collaboration with Master Printer Robert Blanton, of Brand X Editions, the artist explored a variety of new printing techniques. Photographic images were used for the first time by the artist in this series. Line half-tone photo screens were used to simulate the lines on a television screen. As in many of the artist’s works of art, the titles are part of the fun.