in 13 colors

Edition 300, 30 Artist's Proofs, 30 AP (Artist's Proofs), 5 PP (Printer's Proofs), 10 HC (Hors de Commerce)

American Leisure-time Obsessions Series

Artwork Size: 40 x 30"

Image Size: 36¼ x 28¾"

Gallery Print, 100% cotton rag

Printed at Brand X Editions, 236 W. 27 Street, New York, NY by Robert Blanton

Published by Larry Traub

About this print: While sailing single-handed on his own boat in the ocean off Port Judith, Rhode Island, the artist encountered a sailboat race from which the image “Spinnaker and Blooper” was derived. In this piece he plays with a 3-dimensional effect by breaking the shape of the sails outside of the image area and creating shadows beneath the edge of the sails.

About the series: Through his interest in sailing the artist became aware of the increasing significance of leisure time pursuits as an American cultural obsession. Increasing economic prosperity has allowed the average person more time off and the money for leisure time activities. The artist observed that identifying strongly with a specific sporting activity is akin to joining a sub-culture; a social group identified by a common dress, terminology, etiquette, and set of behaviors. During the years 1975 through 1978 Pond traveled extensively around the United States to create this series showing leisure time enthusiasts in their finest moments.